Snap City Bitch

Hi, I’m April Lamegate and I’m an addict…… of temporary social media!

Snapchat is the fun and fresh face of this rising smart phone technology, and no doubt the way to go for future online interaction between friends and strangers. I never leave home without my iPhone and can barely stand it even if it’s in the other room. I love spending my free time sending snaps to other users and communicating in such an ethereal and carefree process:

Step one: Take a picture (or a video) through the Snapchat app

Step two: Select how long you want your recipient to view it for (10 seconds or less)

Step three: Send!

Step four: Wait for a reply ^_^ (this is my favourite part as you never know what you get until you open it!)

I know that whatever I send off will often disappear forever once its viewed, and even if the other user screen shots it I am notified, which is fine in those rare cases as I don’t have anything to hide 😛 This app perfectly compliments my life and is a breath of fresh air to other social media platforms who insist on documenting your activity.

So add me on snapchat: snap_april

I also use instagram: april_lamegate